Our Mission


BEAM is a nonprofit organization committed to building diversity in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields by encouraging, supporting, and preparing underrepresented students in the Buffalo area to pursue a career in a STEM or technical related field. BEAM programs are targeted toward the population of minorities and young women. 

BEAM was founded in 1982 by a consortium of the UB School of Engineering, Linde-Union Carbide (now Praxair, Inc.), Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and the Buffalo Public Schools. 

Beginning at the middle school level, BEAM provides hands-on math, science, engineering, and technical experiences through Saturday Academies, BEAM Clubs, Summer Programs, and other related activities. 

BEAM is dedicated to increasing the number of minorities and females entering engineering and technical careers and the importance in helping to provide highly skilled technical workers to these fields has never been greater. 


Bionic hands, solar panels, 3-D printing organs — scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations are paving the way for our future more than ever.

The majority of the fastest growing jobs in the next decade will be in science, technology, engineering, and math.  However, at our current rate, the number of people able to fill these jobs is not enough.

The underrepresentation of minorities and females in STEM is an issue that should be addressed immediately if we want to not only diversify, but maximize our nation's pool of STEM professionals.

By encouraging more underrepresented students to go into STEM, we ensure success in their future as well as the future of our nation.


We serve students that are traditionally underrepresented in STEM, particularly women and minorities.

Their perspectives and skills are extremely valuable to the future of STEM. Therefore, our goal is to make their dreams for education and career a reality.

Our students are typically smart, driven, and hard-working. They share an enthusiasm for exploring the different fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Our programs and events are designed for different age groups, primarily at the middle school and high school level. We also launched a pilot program last fall called BEAM Junior which serves first- and second-graders.


Meet Our Team

Our team consists of individuals and representatives from industry, education and government, as well as professional and community groups.



Board of Directors 


Arthur J. McKinnon



Tonya Myles-Day

Executive Director


Elder Cory Hardy



Aaaron McKinnon

Vice President - Finance

Paul Spitale.png

Dr. Paul Spitale

Program Coordinator 

Erica Murphy


Board Members and Company Representatives 

Robert Tom


Sandra Budmark

Wendel Companies

Kathy Heinle

Buffalo Public Schools

Peggy Gust-Anger

Foit Albert Associates


Jason Andrews

Cannon Design

Shannon Callahan

Superior Group

Jill Sawyer


Don Davis

Moog, Inc

Julie Stearns

DiDonato Associates

Jon Watts

Watts Architecture and Engineering



Dr. Dalar Nazarian

Praxair Tech Advisor

7th-8th Grade Saturday & Summer Academy

Dr. Amber Boll

Praxair Tech Advisor

7th-8th Grade Saturday Academy

Apratim Bhattacharya

Praxair Tech Advisor

7th-8th Grade Saturday Academy

Dr. Ines Stuckert

Praxair Tech Advisor

7th-12th Grade Saturday & Summer Academy

Beverly Nelson

Communications Instructor

9th & 10th Grade Summer Program

Melissa Delmonte

9th-10th Grade Saturday Academy

Peter Talty

9th-10th Grade Saturday Academy


Langston McElroy

Praxair Tech Advisor

7th-8th Grade Saturday Academy

Dr. Jennifer Guia

Praxair Tech Advisor

7th-8th Grade Saturday Academy

Ana Arevalo

Praxair Tech Advisor

7th-8th Grade Saturday Academy

Dr. Paul Spitale

BEAM Science Instructor

K-12th Grade Saturday & Summer Academy

Neils Anderson

Mathematics Instructor

9th & 10th Grade Summer Program

Dennis Brancato

Computer Instructor

9th & 10th Grade Summer Program

Kelsey Johnson

Graphic Designer

Web, Newsletter, Logo creation

Izeal Bullock

West Hertel Charter Tech Advisor

1st-8th Grade Saturday & Summer Academy

Dr. Lloyd Brown

Praxair Tech Advisor

7th-8th Grade Saturday Academy

Perry Pacouloutte

Praxair Tech Advisor

7th-8th Grade Saturday Academy

RJ Kalb

MOOG Tech Advisor

Global Concepts Charter School

BEAM Dream Team

Dr. Nick Stuckert

Praxair Tech Advisor

7th-10th Grade Saturday & Summer Academy

Mathew Ziemba