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BEAM is committed to building diversity in STEM fields by encouraging, supporting and preparing underrepresented students of all ages to pursue a future in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics.

Want a BEAM class at your location?

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BEAM at your convenience

Let's make it happen. Free for students and very low-cost for schools, community centers, churches, clubs, etc.

BEAM recruits real engineers who are accomplished in their industry. We have instructors with the 3P's: Patents, Published, & PhDs -oh my!

In the above picture, Dr. Dalar Nazarian from Praxair Inc. shows high school girls how to connect gears, motors, and electronics to build robots for their FIRST Robotics Competition (below).

When students learn real-life skills from the best of the best, they see their own potential, allowing them to be empowered, be successful, and to flourish!

Contact our Program Director Dr. Paul Spitale for more information:

beamprogram@gmail.com or (716) 645-3980

BEAM Robotics Team 6870 WINS the FRC Rookie Inspiration Award for all their hard work!



BEAM offers students in grades PreK-12 a variety of programs designed to provide hands-on experiences in science, technology, engineering and math. BEAM also offers 2-way mentoring programs for college students.


Saturday Academy

Saturday Academy is a program that occurs throughout the school year for students in grades PreK-12. Students participate in activities that allow them to experience various aspects of engineering first-hand.

Participants meet on Saturday mornings to work on projects such as building robots, solar cars, or computer programming.

Some groups participate in culminating events and competitions that allow them to test their creations and compete with students from other areas.


Summer Program

Students have the opportunity to continue developing their skills in STEM throughout the summer by participating in a BEAM summer program.

Summer programs are available for students entering grades K - 12 and take place on partnering college campuses in the Buffalo area.



BEAM clubs take place in participating schools in the Buffalo area. Students meet after school for one hour on a weekly basis and work on engineering and/or science projects.

Each program establishes its own curriculum, but all of them consist of hands-on projects that demonstrate science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics principles.


BEAM Junior

BEAM Junior is a hands-on program designed to spark an early interest in engineering in PreK-6th graders.

Students learn how to build simple machines using Legos before putting their knowledge to the test in the Junior First Lego League’s annual Waste Wise challenge. For the challenge, students design models of inventions that would have a positive impact on a real-world issue: reducing waste.




Whether you're a parent, a BEAM alum, a community member, a business owner, or simply have some extra time to volunteer, there is an opportunity for you to get involved.


Our network


BEAM would not be able to accomplish what it does today without the generous support of its sponsors and partners. We collaborate with a wide range of educational institutions, companies, and community organizations.