BEAM is committed to building diversity in STEM fields by encouraging, supporting and preparing underrepresented students of all ages to pursue a future in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics.

BEAM recruits real engineers who are accomplished in their industry. We have instructors with the 3P's: Patents, Published, & PhDs -oh my!

BEAM Robotics

(Registration Now Open!) 

For Girls and Boys 14-18 years old! Work with industry mentors to build a robot and compete with teams from all over the world!


Scholarship Opportunity!  

Due February 1st! Winner will receive a new Laptop

Topic: Give us a window into your everyday life, tell us who you are, where you are from and how that defines your pursuit for education and a life of meaning. Tell us about what education means to you and to your family. Where do you see your education taking you.

Your submission can be in any form of media that best expresses you (video, spoken word, song, writing, sensory images, etc.) 

SATURDAY ACADEMY (Registration Now Open!) 

University at Buffalo North Campus

from October 6th, 2018 to May 25th, 2019

Saturday Academy is a program that occurs throughout the school year for students in grades K-12 from 9:30am to 11:30am on the University at Buffalo north campus.

Come learn from our Industry Partners!

K-6th Grade: Come learn from engineers from Praxair, MOOG, Canon Design, KHEOPS Architecture, Engineering & Survey, and many more companies about what they do! Participate in hands-on activities and watch cool demonstrations! Parent supervision required. A great opportunity for parents to learn about STEM careers and how to encourage students to pursue higher education. 

7-8th Grade: Our veteran robotics teachers will work with students to learn about engineering and how the world around us works. Through Lego robotics, young boys and girls can express their creativity and expand their thinking. Parents welcome but supervision not required. 

9-12th Grade: Come learn from engineers from Praxair, MOOG, Canon Design, KHEOPS Architecture, Engineering & Survey, and many more companies about what they do, the science behind the madness, and how to pursue a career in their fields. Ever thought about how traffic is handled? Curious about medical devices? Want to learn about the environment and air quality? How about military equipment? Electrical Engineering? We will try to cover a range of topics taught by experts in their fields! Parents welcome but supervision not required. 


Starting October 3rd Wednesdays 6 pm to 8 pm

9th - 12th Grades - UB North Campus

The BEAM Team is here to answer your most difficult homework and test prep questions!

Come with specific questions about an assignment or a concept!

Come just to sit and do your homework near people who are ready to help explain!

Tutors will spend the first one and a half hours working with students individually and the last 30 minutes reviewing fundamental concepts in math and science.

Registration is $15 for the academic year!

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Whether you're a parent, a BEAM alum, a community member, a business owner, or simply have some extra time to volunteer, there is an opportunity for you to get involved.