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SATURDAY ACADEMY (Registration Now Open!) 

University at Buffalo North Campus

from October 6th, 2018 to May 25th, 2019

Saturday Academy is a program that occurs throughout the school year for students in grades K-12 from 9:30am to 11:30am on the University at Buffalo north campus.


Each 7-8th grade class will take place EVERY 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month (excluding holidays) in  Furnas 211.

Each 9-12th grade class will take place EVERY 1st & r3d Saturday of each month (excluding holidays) in Capen 257.

Each K-6th grade class will take place every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month (excluding holidays) in Capen 257.

K-6th Grade: Come learn from engineers from Praxair, MOOG, Canon Design, KHEOPS Architecture, Engineering & Survey, and many more companies about what they do! Participate in hands-on activities and watch cool demonstrations! Parent supervision required.A great opportunity for parents to learn about STEM careers and how to encourage students to pursue higher education. 

7-8th Grade: Our veteran teachers will work with students to learn about engineering and how the world around us works. Through Lego robotics, young boys and girls can express their creativity and expand their design thinking. Parents welcome but supervision not required. 

9-12th Grade: Come learn from engineers from Praxair, MOOG, Canon Design, KHEOPS Architecture, Engineering & Survey, and many more companies about what they do, the science behind the madness, and how to pursue a career in their fields. Ever thought about how traffic is handled? Curious about medical devices? Want to learn about the environment and air quality? How about military equipment? Electrical Engineering? We will try to cover a range of topics taught by experts in their fields! Parents welcome but supervision not required. 



Starting October 3rd Wednesdays 6 pm to 8 pm

9th - 12th Grades - UB North Campus

The BEAM Team is here to answer your most difficult homework and test prep questions!

Come with specific questions about an assignment or a concept!

Come just to sit and do your homework near people who are ready to help explain!

Tutors will spend the first one and a half hours working with students individually and the last 30 minutes reviewing fundamental concepts in math and science.

Registration is $15 for the academic year!

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(Guiding Innovative Resilient Leaders in the STEM fields)

Camp GIRLS is organized by a cast of women engineers and scientists. Our aim is to create an environment where girls in high school, just starting on their journey in the STEM world, can feel confident and comfortable to be themselves and ask the questions that really matter to them.

In a two-night, three-day summer camp, girls in grade 9-12, with an interest in a career in the STEM fields, will interact with current female STEM professionals. In team building activities and group discussion, campers will explore their passions and strengths. Through STEM workshops and panel discussions, campers will apply their science and engineering knowledge while learning important life skills to help them succeed in the years to come.

Our guarantee

Walk away with a contact who can write you a college recommendation letter.


Networking, communication, Leadership, STEM activities, Career path, Higher education


Along with nature hikes and team-building activities, campers will take part in workshops.


Escape Room: Can you use science to get the clues?

Shark Tank: Get the spark for a science inspired business!

Scavenger hunt: Get comfortable with not knowing the answer!

Egg Drop: Engineers learn from failure. How many eggs will you break before you succeed?

Diversity Champions: Learn how to handle uncomfortable situations and use diversity as strength.

What I See in You: Sometimes it’s hard to see what is awesome about us. So, let your mentors do the work!


In the summer months of every year, students have the opportunity to continue developing their skills in STEM throughout the summer by participating in a BEAM summer program.

Summer programs are available for students entering grades K - 12 and take place at partnering colleges in the Buffalo area.

Students spend the summer participating in enrichment activities that provide intensive instruction in the topics of mathematics, science, communications, and computer applications.


BEAM students learn from the best in the business by working with legitimate engineers, tech advisors, PhDs, researchers, educators, and current college engineering students. We partner with firms such as Du Pont, Moog, Praxair, and Cannon Design, to name only a few. We feel that it's never too early to "gear" our students toward greatness -pun intended.

All summer program participants will also attend field trips to enhance their learning experiences and receive valuable career information from speakers in the field.

Interested in volunteering for and/or starting a BEAM Summer Program? Contact us at

(Applications CLOSED for 2018!)


We encourage parents, teachers, and tech advisors to volunteer for BEAM programs.